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Saslong Halfmarathon 2022

Topic: youtubeTags: HalfMarathon, ValGardena, Trail, Dolomites, 21Km

Saslong Halfmarathon 2022 (6:15min)

:deutsch: Die 4. Ausgabe des Saslang Halfmarathon, diesmal wieder mit Massenstart. Vom Monte Pana ging es über 21Km und 900 Hm um die Langkofelgruppe.

_italiano: La 4a edizione del Saslang Halfmarathon, questa volta di nuovo con la partenza di massa. Dal Monte Pana si correva per 21Km e 900m+ attorno il gruppo del sassolungo.

:english: The 4th edition of the Saslang Halfmarathon, this time again with mass start. From the Monte Pana a 21 Km run with 900m of high difference around the Sassolungo group.

Saslong Halfmarathon (Event Website) (Fotos)

Blast from the past

Saslong Halfmarathon 2021 (5:40 min)

Saslong Halfmarathon 2021 - Relive Animation (0:55 min)

Saslong Halfmarathon 2019 (5:00 min)

Posted by Andr, Friday 01 July 2022 - 14:20 (read  1087 times)
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